When booking your wedding the parish secretary at the Parish Office will arrange for you to see Fr. Aidan Crowley P.P. to fill out the Booking Form in order to confirm the Booking. A wedding cannot be taken as confirmed until you have met with or spoken to a priest of the parish. In the first instance, however, please complete the Marriage Enquiry on this page as your initial contact with the parish so that we will have your basic details.
A marriage cannot take place until all the marriage documents (Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Forms) are complete and in order. Bookings are not accepted by third party.

Both parties must be over eighteen years of age.

A couple must meet a civil registrar at least three months before the wedding to give notification of their intention to marry. (Registrar’s Office, Adelaide Court, Adelaide Street, Cork. 021 – 4275126. The couple will need to know that the church is available prior to this meeting.

They will also need to know the name of the priest who will solemnise the marriage.

The couple will be required to bring the following documentation to the registrar’s office:

Photo identity (preferably a passport or driving license)

Name and dates of birth of witnesses

Name of church where they wish to be married

Date of marriage

Name of priest who will officiate at the marriage; this presumes that the celebrant is a registered solemniser and that he has agreed to officiate at the marriage

If either party has been previously married, they must provide the civil registrar with an original divorce decree or a death certificate if widowed

When all the civil requirements have been completed satisfactorily the couple will receive from the registrar, a Marriage Registration Form (MRF). Without this form the couple cannot get married nor may the solemniser proceed with the marriage ceremony.

The couple must present the MRF to the solemniser before the wedding so that he can check that the details are correct before the marriage takes place. This should be done as early as is convenient.

If changes are necessary – for instance, changing the name of the solemniser/witnesses – the couple should contact the civil registrar to arrange for the re-issue of the MRF at the earliest possible stage before the ceremony.

After the marriage has been celebrated, it is the responsibility of the couple to return the MRF to any Registrar’s Office. This form must be returned within one month of the marriage.

Couples living overseas who intend to marry in Ireland should approach the priest of their parish of residence abroad regarding Church requirements, as soon as possible

The State requirements should be followed as outlined above. Contact Registrar’s Office to ascertain requirements required by non-residents

Marriage Papers from abroad should be sent by the Parish Priest of the Bride to her Diocesan Bishop or Local Ordinary who will forward them for his Nilil Obstat to the Bishop of Cloyne, Cloyne Diocesan Centre, Cobh, Co. Cork

Bookings of the Church may be made by telephone but interested parties must confirm their booking in writing. Please complete, and return to us, the attached Application Form and church fee of € 300 as outlined above.

A certified translation of foreign language papers is required

Marriage Documents must arrive six weeks in advance of the wedding date.

Prohibited Wedding Dates

 Sundays, Holy Days, during Holy Week and some other commemorations (see below). The following are the dates and Church seasons when the sacrament cannot be celebrated:

January 1st – Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God
Januray 6th – Epiphany
Ash Wednesday (changeable date)
Holy Week (changeable dates)
Easter Sunday (changeable date)
Easter Week (changeable dates)
May 1st – St Joseph the Worker
August 15th – Assumption of Our Lady
November 1st – All Saints Day
November 2nd – All Souls Day
November 25th – St Colman
December 8th – Immaculate Conception
December 25th – Christmas
December 26th – St Stephen’s Day

Requirements for Marriage

Preferably, six months notice should be given to the Priest of the parish prior to the date of the wedding.
Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Forms, for both parties, to be completed in parish of residence by a priest of your home parish.

Baptismal Certificate (must be issued within six months of the date of marriage) and Confirmation Certificate for both parties

Letter(s) of freedom where necessary.

Certificate of an appropriate Pre-Marriage Course. (ACCORD Pre-Marriage Courses – 025/31899)

Meet with priest officiating at Sacrament in regard to planning liturgy, music, rehearsal etc