Holy Communion

First Confession Dates 2024

1st Holy Communion Dates 2024

This year holds significance not just in your child’s life, but also for their classmates, teachers, and you as parents or guardians. It marks a crucial milestone in their faith journey that commenced when you brought them to the Church for baptism—a cherished moment for your family. Now, as your child approaches the next step in their spiritual journey with the preparation for First Holy Communion, we all have a role to play. While home serves as the primary learning environment, each parent or guardian is invited to take on a special role in accompanying their child during the upcoming months of sacramental preparation. Although schools play a vital role, the influence of home, being the domestic Church, is unparalleled in shaping our children’s beliefs and values. This program is designed to seamlessly integrate classroom learning, home involvement, and parish community engagement. It includes key events such as an Information Night to meet parents, an Enrolment Ceremony for you and your child, and designated Sundays for your participation in the Mass. Regular attendance at Mass, especially on Sundays, is encouraged as your child readies themselves for this significant day.